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Sabine, 10 September 2007
Brunei Brunei ,

1st Week


Since I am not in the office today but in one of our other branches (@ river cruise department) I am able to do more or less what ever I want, because its not busy at all here. So I decided to add another message to my blog about my first week here. During the last week I was able to get to know all the different departments of Sunshine Borneo Tours & Travel (airport, river cruise and office)

On Wednesday I went to the river cruise and since somebody called in sick I was totally alone on my first day, but at least it was not busy at all so I could manage and even had a lot of time to do other things as well, like writing postcards etc. The work at the river cruise is not that demanding you just have to wait for tours that are doing a river cruise and visiting on of the houses at the water village. When I was off at five I decided to stay a few more hours here because its directly in the city centre and since I have a driver anyway who has to pick me up its easier then walking there (which would take approximately 45-60 minutes). So I walked around in the shopping mall for a while and did my groceries as well. And then when I got picked up I just put everything in the car, which was way more convenient than walking home with all the bags.

The next day I went to the airport and it was not really like I expected it to be. First of all there were not so many flights coming in this day so we were mainly sitting around doing nothing. So at the end of the day we had no sales at all and we even had to stay till 18:30 (instead of 16:30) because on Thursdays there are some late flights from Australia and Germany and those are our potential customers, so thats why.

Friday I was in the office again and for the first time since Im here I was really busy for a whole day, because Sandra (a colleague who is the head of the sales department) taught me a lot of operational things on the computer. For example how to book a tour (what forms need to be filled out for that) how to create tour plans (which means if somebody asks per mail if we could arrange a whole itinerary for him, etc.) So after that day I felt a bit more useful, because before I wasnt able to do anything alone. But since I just started I think it will get better soon. Later that day we went to the house of blues to listen to some live bands (because Lisa knew a guy that was performing there with his band) and I really liked it a lot because it was something else for a change.

After this first week I think I already have a good overview of the company and I really think this placement will not be the most challenging one, (when I hear what others have to do) but well, I will just do my best and enjoy my stay here and maybe it gets more interesting in a couple of weeks. Because I am also suppose to work on a big project for Mr. Chieng (the boss) but it got delayed, so I have to wait till it will finally start.

Luckily Saturday was only a half day, which means Im off at 12:30. Right after work I (unfortunately) had to move to another room. Before that I had the luxury of having my own room. So now I am sharing a room with a Chinese girl named Sophia. But when Lisa is leaving at the end of next week I will move in with Heidi. Heidi and I also had our first weekly meeting with our boss Mr. Chieng, where he asked how our first week went etc. I really like Mr. Chieng I think he is a really smart guy. For the rest of the day I just relaxed till it was time to leave for the barbeque, which was arranged by the company. But when we arrived at the location (at Muara beach) it was raining so hard that after a while it was cancelled and we just went somewhere else instead and had a nice dinner.

Yesterday the whole electricity in our staff house was shoot down and because it was so hot in there the three of us decided to walk to the shopping mall and just stay there for the whole day, because there at least the air-conditioning worked. And if you stay a whole day in the mall of course you have to buy a few things as well. Smile One thing I will definitely buy a lot more during my stay here are DVDs because they only cost between 2 and 5 $ and the quality is really good. For dinner we decided to go out for Sushi and it was so nice! I will definitely do that more often during the next 5 months.

Ok, thats it for today. Only one more hour and then I will be off and can finally go home and relax a bit. Till next week.

Bye x Sabine

P.S.: I finally managed to upload some pictures, even though they are not my own one (they are from Lisa and Heidi), because my computer still doesnt recognize my memory card, its really annoying!!

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11 September 2007


12 September 2007

Hey Sabine!
Great story! I would like to have some of your temperature! Here it's windy and even raining sometimes!! That is not what I wanted!!! Well, anyway...good luck with the big assignment for your boss and we'll be in contact!
xx Kim


14 September 2007


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