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Sabine, 17 September 2007
Brunei Brunei ,

2nd Week

Its me again with my weekly update Wink

My second week here didnt start that good. When I checked my online bank statement from the ABN AMRO I saw that the B$ 500 ( 250) I withdraw the day before was taken off my account twice. So I had to ask a half day off to be able to go to the city centre and complain about that. But so far nothing happened. Since I am not in the office today but in our other branch at the city centre (river cruise) I went to the bank again this morning to ask if they can tell me anything new about where my money is. And I was told that on there records it was only charged once and that they can not help me further. So now I have to start all over again and complain with the ABN AMRO, which will probably take even longer. I am really curious if/when I get my money back.

On Thursday the Ramadan started and since that day is a public holiday all of our Muslim staff was off and we hardly had any drivers or tour guides left, so even people that normally work at the office had to be standby in case we need more guides or drivers. The Ramadan will last till the 13th of October and till then Muslims are not allowed to eat after sunrise and before sunset. They are not even allowed to drink anything during that time, which I think must be really hard especially with this climate here. Luckily the sun sets quite early here, (because we are so close to the equator) so around 18:20 everybody is allowed to eat again. That night I went out for dinner with a few colleagues and after that we all went to play pool. But first the manager of the Italian restaurant we went to introduced me to some other Germans. During our conversation I found out that the wife also worked for Sunshine for a while and she could totally understand why I dont like it there that much. So her husband offered me to use his contacts to try to get me a new placement, which would be really nice. Now I first have to wait and see if he is able to arrange something, I think he has quite some influence and knows a lot of people because he is the chief pilot of the sultan!!!

If he is not able to I will also be fine, because overall I like it here (but only after working hours and on the weekend). During office hours its really frustrating. Since Sunshine is a family company its hard to get a clear answer to a question. If you ask someone and then do it like he or she said a few minutes later somebody else will come around and will say why do you do it like that. There is really no structure in this company, its so unorganised. And for the coming two weeks I will replace Sandra our sales and tour manager because she is on a holiday, but nobody really showed me what I have to do. I only got a quick crash course on Saturday on how everything works and what I need to do the next two weeks, but it was not really enough time to totally understand everything. So I am curious how this will work out. More about that next week!

After my meeting with the boss on Saturday the weekend finally started. Thats always my favourite part of the week Wink We got picked up by a friend of Lisas and he took us to the Night market where you can buy local food for only B$ 1 ( 0.50). After that we went (with all our food) to the city centre and had to wait till 18:20 before we could start eating (because Lisas friend is a Muslim) After our nice dinner the three of us took a water taxi to go to Gadong (which is the shopping/entertainment area) After a few difficulties (our water taxi got stuck in the river because the water was to low) we finally arrived there and went to the cinema to see Hairspray (which is a really stupid movie btw.)

On Sunday Lisa went diving again, so Heidi and I slept in and then we went to Gadong to do some groceries and buy a few more DVDs  On our way home we stopped by at the Night market again to buy our food for dinner. Afterwards we had to walk home, since we still dont have bikes and have to walk everywhere. Thats really annoying because we live in the middle of nowhere so its always quite far to get somewhere. Gadong is like 30min and Bandar (the city centre) is like 50 minutes. But I never walked there only to Gadong. I really miss my car here, especially because the gas is so cheap. 1l is only B$ 0.53 ( 0.27), its hard to imagine, isnt it?

Till next week then,

Bye x Sabine

P.S.: I finally found a shop where I can put my pictures from my memory card on CD without having to develop all of them. For all of you who use studivz or hyves there are more pictures online now. Unfortunately I am not able to upload more than 10 on this site. I dont really know why, so if somebody knows, please tell me!!

P.P.S Thanks to everyone for all the messages, I really appreciate it!!

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17 September 2007

Hey Sabine,
If you want to add more photos on this site you have to pay. That's why. You can find it somewhere on the I guess..

Good luck!


17 September 2007

Ute Sann

21 September 2007


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