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Sabine, 2 September 2007
Brunei Brunei ,

2nd and 3rd Day in Brunei


On Saturday I had to be up really early and since I just arrived the day before I was still tired when I was sitting in the office at seven for our staff meeting. The main thing Mr. Chieng did was to motivate his employees and then we had breakfast together. Of course typical Asian breakfast, this includes rice with chicken and beans. I think I first have to get used to such a heavy breakfast that early.

The next point on our agenda was Familiarisation of office environment & Staff. So we had to read the office handbook, meet all our new college and we also got our work schedule for next week and for the whole of September. We get a new one every month. But in our first week we will accompany three different daily tours and we also get a first impression of the office work, the work at the airport and at the river cruise department. For the rest of September I will be in the office three weeks a day and then two days at the airport and one at the river cruise department. Heidi has more or less the same schedule but we are never together at the same place at once.

After that we were off for the rest of the day and Heidi had to go to the border of Malaysia to get a proper visa, because for some reason she didnt get it at the airport like I did. By the time she got back Lisa was already off (Saturday the office already closed at 12:30). Later that afternoon we went to the big mall to look around a bit and have dinner altogether and after that we got picked up from a friend of Lisas to join his birthday party. When we finally go home around one I was so happy to see my bed!

Today we had to get up really early again, due to the fact that we got picked up at seven already to go scuba diving. Lisa is already doing that for quite some time now and she convinced us to join her and try it out as well. When now looking back to it I think it was worth it. I really liked it a lot even though at the beginning Heidi and I became really seasick and had to throw up all the time. But after a while it got better and we were able to do our first dive and visited the home of NemoWink and all that for only 35, which is quite affordable. (Pictures will follow soon!)

When we finally got home at around nine I was really sunburned from a whole day on the sea and I only took a quick shower and went straight to bed, because tomorrow will be my first working day.

For those of you who want to send me any mail, this will be my address for the next five month:

Sabine Keil
Sunshine Borneo Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd
No.2, Spg 146, Jalan Kiarong, Kg. Kiulap
Bandar Seri Begawan BE 1518
Brunei Darussalam

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3 September 2007

He Sabine.
Just got back from france! Nice that you have a blog, so I know what's going on. So far, it sounds great Enjoy! Love Danielle


3 September 2007

Ciao Sabine,

Wow.. Brunei! How cool is that Wink Only 7 in the morning is not that fun, is it.. Sad Good luck with everything, keep in touch!


4 September 2007

how a person could be so jalous....Wink

it looks like you're not bored in brunei!

breda is still the same, christa barten is still very funny....:S

all the best for your placement!!


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