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Sabine, 16 January 2008
Brunei Brunei

A bit more than a week left

In a bit more than a week, or better 5 more working days to go, I will be on the plane to Singapore, from where I will finally fly back home (after a 2 days stopover) to Frankfurt on the 28th. But before that, I will first leave for Bangkok tomorrow and stay there for 4 days. That will be a nice change after all the hard working to finish the school assignments. I sent my first draft on Monday and I already got feedback back from my supervisor, which sounded quite promising. Only a few minor changes and the placement report is done. But I will do that after I get back, dont fell like working on that now Wink The only thing that is still missing, is the final assessment form. When we asked Mr. Keiler to fill it out, he said that he is to busy to do it and that Bernadette (the hotel marketing consultant) should do it instead. I dont mind at all because she is actually the only one who really knows what we did the last 4 month here. She gave us a lot of feedback so we could improve our work.

The last week not much happened, since Heidi and I were really busy to finish all of our assignments. And since that is done Im busy with planning my summer holiday. Eva and I will go to Berlin for a week, in the beginning of the summer break, to visit an old classmate, who is doing her placement in Berlin. And besides that we might go to London for a couple of days in August, but thats not completely sure yet, because London is quite expensive Sad

On Monday our supervisor MG invited us for a farewell lunch at a really nice Chinese restaurant. I would have liked it better if she would have done that on our last day, (then it would really feel like a farewell)but well the intention counts! Another funny story is that since the 9th of January our gym membership is expired and we dont really feel like paying another whole month for it, when we are only going there for some more days. So we just tried and see how long it takes till the staff there will say anything. But so far nobody did, even tough, every night when we go there, they check our card and look directly at the expire date. And we will definitely not be the ones who make them aware of it WinkIf they are so stupid it's their problem!

Time is flying now and so many people already asked me what I will miss when I leave Brunei. Honestly speaking there is not much to miss. The only thing I will probably miss is the nice warm weather (it will be so cold for me when I get home, since here it's always around 30 degrees) and the cheap sushi Wink It would be so great if you could have Sushi in Europe for that money. Here you pay for a dinner inclusive drink not more than 6.

I will talk to you soon again. I will write a new entry when Im back from Bangkok on Sunday. I guess then I have a lot to tell. On Saturday I will meet up with Peter, a classmate who did his placement in Bangkok, but who is already done since yesterday.

Till next week then,

Bye x Sabine

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16 January 2008

Heeee Sabine!
We did it!!!! It's almost over and time to go back home! I have really enjoyed reading your stories and want to wish you a great time in Bangkok. Say hello to Peter from me!! Cya when we get back!
xx Kim


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