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Sabine, 31 August 2007
Brunei Brunei ,

Arrival in Brunei

Hi everybody!

I dont really know where to start, because already so much happened in the first two days since I left. I think the easiest is when I start with my departure from Frankfurt.

The first nice surprise I got was when I realized that I had a two seater all the way in the back of the airplane for myself, this way the long flight was way more comfortable as I expected it to be. But I also have to say that Singapore Airlines is really a nice airline to fly with, it starts with the food (which was so nice and so much) up to the flight attendance, the entertainment (at least 30 movies you can choice from, videogames.). So now looking back I have to say that it was definitely worth the money and I am already looking forward to fly with them again in January.

After I arrived in Singapore I had to wait for my connection flight to Brunei, but because we had a two hour delay in Frankfurt already (because something with the hydraulic system of the airplane was not right) I only had a little more than an hour to fill and that hour was over so quickly. I used the free internet, which you can find everywhere at the airport and then I took a look at all the shops. And I have to say, even at the airport where it is usually really expensive; it was quite cheap, at least for us that are used to the Euro.

When I arrived in Brunei I wasnt picked up by Heidi or Lisa but from a future co-worker who helped me with the visa formalities and brought me to my private driver. After he dropped me of at the office building, where also the staff house is located, I first met all my future colleagues and together with Heidi I had a talk to Mr. Chieng (our boss) about what he expects from us etc.

The next thing was to move in the staff house. And if Im honest I have to say that I was kind of shocked when I saw it. I knew from the beginning that it will be different then the standard Im used to, but it exceeded my expectations. I have to share the staff house with 8 other girls and we only have one kitchen, shower and toilette. I will upload pictures as soon as possible.

After I dropped of my suitcases a driver took as to the mall so we could get some things we needed, like water, food, bed sheets etc. And since I was really exhausted and tired from the long trip I already went to bed at seven. Since I had to be up at seven the next day for my first staff meeting, even though I official not work yet, my first working day will be Monday!

This night I had the luxury to stay in a room alone, but already tomorrow I have to move again to another room which I have to share with a Chinese girl called Sophie.

Thanks a lot for all your messages and I will talk to you soon again.

Bye x Sabine

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