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Sabine, 4 September 2007
Brunei Brunei ,

First working Day's

Its me againWink

This time I want to tell you something about my first two working days here in Brunei. On Monday was the official start of my placement and instead of going to the office immediately Heidi and I had the opportunity to join two daily tours Sunshine Borneo offers. The first tour started at 8:30 (and lasted 4 hours) and was kind of a city sightseeing tour, during which we visited the spectacular Jame Asr`Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, (which only consists of gold and marble) the Royal Palace Istana Nurul Iman the Brunei museum and the Royal Regalia Building. At the end of the tour we took a river cruise to the worlds largest water village, which is also called the Venice of the East. After taking a lot of pictures we got back to the office where we were supposed to work from 2 till 5, but fortunately we got the afternoon off because we had to join the Brunei by night tour which started at six and lasted till ten. This tour was also really nice, because we were able to see the city at night with all the lights. For dinner we went to a Italian restaurant and had a pizza, which was quite expensive (17$ = 8,50 ) because usually you pay not more than 3 or 4 .

Today was then my first whole day in the office, even though I was supposed to join the Proboscis monkey tour on which you can see the famous monkey, which can only be found at the island of Borneo. It would probably have been way more interesting to join the tour instead of staying a whole day in the office, because I really had nothing to do. First I was just sitting around doing nothing, because nobody knew what I was supposed to do until it was almost time for my lunch break. Two colleagues asked me to join them for lunch, which I accepted immediately, because otherwise I would have been stuck at the office again. We still dont have bikes so we have to walk everywhere we want to go and that always takes quite long. To the nearest shopping centre its a 30 minute walk and to the city centre it even takes over an hour. After my lunch break I had to read some more brochures and a bit later somebody finally showed me a few things that they have to do on a normal day. I really hope I can do more soon, but I guess so. Its normal that you dont really do much in the beginning.

Another thing I dont like that much is their dress code. They want that you wear black long pants and closed black shoes and a really ugly pink blouse. I usually wouldnt mind the black pants because thats what I wear most of the time but not with this heat. But as I found out today this dress code only applies if you represent the company outside of the office. That means if you are at the airport or at the river cruise department or on a tour.

Btw I will probably not be able to upload pictures anytime soon, because for some reason my computer doesnt recognize my memory card and no other laptop has a card reader, which is able to read my card. I will try my best to fix the problem so I can show you some pictures from around here. If anybody has a idea how I can fix the problem let me know!!

Till then,

Bye x Sabine

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5 September 2007

Hey Sabine!
The tours you did sound very nice! Now you can start the real work!


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