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Sabine, 16 November 2007
Brunei Brunei


Unbelievable but true, today I have halftime, its only ten more weeks till my placement here at the Empire Hotel & Country Club is finished. Time really flies and I guess it even goes faster for the few weeks that are left.

There is not really much to tell about the last week, besides that Heidi and I really made it to go to the gym ever day after work, Im so proud of us! But its nice to have something to do after work besides just going straight home. And it is also a nice change to sitting in the office the whole day and staring at your laptop.

This week was also the internal bowling tournament where all departments from the Empire participate in. Heidi and I played for the Sales & Marketing team and even though we didnt even make the first round it was fun. And as a treat our head of department MG invited the whole team for lunch at one of the hotel restaurants. That was a nice change to the lunch we usually have. The employees canteen is not really that nice, because its rice everyday. Even though I like to eat rice a lot, after a while you really get sick of it. In the end the winner of the tournament was of course the team from the Country Club, but that was kind of obvious from the beginning on, because they all have something to do with sport. They are golf instructors, tennis coaches, fitness trainers etc.

A funny thing I heard this week was the motto of the Bruneians. This motto is MBA (Married but available) and that really fits to most of the people here. Everybody seems to have something with everybody. And of course everybody knows about the newest gossip, everybody besides us. But we now found a good source (our neighbours Sascha and Claudio) who keep us updated Wink But its really unbelievable how much people gossip about you, like they have nothing else to do. Even though the hotel is so big and almost 800 people work here everybody is well informed about what is going on with their colleagues. They even talk about how Heidi and I can afford a rental car when it costs more than what we actually earn. And another rumour that is going around about me is that Im dating a local, which is not true, but nobody seems to care as long as they can gossip around they are happy WinkHeidi and me are somehow "so interesting" anyway, that everybody constantly stares at us. It doesn't matter where we go, or what we do. That's something I probably never get used to.

In a few hours Heidi and I will drive to the airport to pick up Heidis mom and grandma, who will visit Heidi for two weeks here in Brunei, and they of course stay at the Empire hotel, since you get a really special rate if you work there Wink While they are here we will explore Brunei a bit more. We are planning to go to Seria, (where the oilfields are) and we also want to finally go to the rainforest. I think thats a must see if you are on Borneo!! Its so nice to have your own car, Im already so used to it and we only have it for three weeks now. Its so hard to imagine being without one again, but luckily that will not happen, since we rented it till our last day here in Brunei!

Tonight Heidi will catch up with her family and I will go to the gym after work as usual and then join the farewell dinner (at one of the hotel restaurant) for three of our Sales & Marketing employees. The head of the PR department (Jennifer) the Global Sales manger (Olivia) and the chief graphic designer (Azlan) are leaving at the end of the month. You can really see that a lot of people are not happy with the new management around the General Manager Mr. Keiler, since Im here at the hotel already five people (in key positions) left. That kind of speaks for itself. Nevertheless, I still like it a lot here, but Im quite busy with my hotel projects and the school assignment so I will continue with working on them now.

Talk to you again soon!

Bye x Sabine

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17 November 2007


18 November 2007

Hey Sabine!
Unbelievable that we're already half way through our placement?! Time flies when you're having fun! Haha! Sounds really Dutch...a bowling tournament! Good fun I guess! And uh....when we're back, please tell me all about your dates with the local guy!! Hahaha! Good luck the next few weeks! Cya!
xx Kim


19 November 2007


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