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Sabine, 26 January 2008
Brunei Brunei

Time to say goodbye

Hi everyone,

This will be my last (short) entry out of Brunei, because today its time to say goodbye to Brunei for good. Im sitting at the airport right now and waiting for my flight to Singapore, where I will have a stopover till Monday. And then on Monday its time to finally fly back home. Right now I still dont have the feeling of going home. But I guess that will come on Monday when Im in the plane back to Frankfurt. Heidi already left me yesterday to go to Kuala Lumpur till Monday to do a bit of shopping Wink So on my last day yesterday I didnt had much to do, but the day past so quickly by doing nothing Wink The same counts for the whole last week, in the beginning of the week I had to adjust a few things on my placement plan, but now its finally done. For the rest of the week there was not really much to do, because everything we had to do was already done. So on Wednesday and Thursday, Heidi and I were busy walking around the Empire property to film and say goodbye to everyone. On Thursday also Bernadette arrived at the hotel and it was nice to see her a last time before leaving. She was the only one you really cared about what we were doing and Im really thankful for all her support. She will also write us a recommendation letter, which can always come in handy at some point.

So yesterday afternoon it was time for me to go to HR and return all my things (name tack, ID card etc) and collect my last pay check. When that was done I said my last goodbyes and was happy to leave the office for good. The only thing I didnt like on this last day, where all those fake goodbyes. In the office there were quite some people who never or hardly spoke to me while I was there and now when saying goodbye it sounded like we were best friends. We will miss you, keep in touch, bla bla bla Of course there were also some people who meant what they said, but I can count them on one hand. When I got home after work it was time to start packing and clean up everything. It took me longer than I expected but after a while I was finally done and on my way to Sascha to say my last goodbye.

I will probably update you on Monday before I fly home to Frankfurt.

Till then,

Bye x Sabine

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