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Sabine, 28 November 2007
Brunei Brunei ,

Visitors from NL

This time it took me a bit longer to update you on what Im doing here, on the other side of the world. But as I already told you in my last entry, Heidis mom and grandma came to visit her for two weeks. Now there are only two days left and then they will fly home to the Netherlands again. But I think they enjoyed their time here a lot.

During their stay we finally managed to visit two must see tourist attractions of Brunei. Seria, and the National Park. Seria is also known as Shell town, because its all about oil production over there. It is also the place in Brunei where you meet a lot of white people that work for Shell!! Honestly I expected a bit more of it, but it is not interesting at all. There is nothing to see or to do. The only thing you can do is to go to the Oil & Gas discovery centre, where you can learn all about oil. Next to that you can visit the Billion Barrel Monument, but thats it! For that you have to drive over one hour, but luckily gas doesnt cost anything here. Now we can at least say that we went to Seria!

The next place on our to go list was the Ulu Temburong National Park, which is located in the heart of the rainforest. We booked a tour for last Sunday with our old placement company, since they are the only ones that go there. The tour takes over 7 hours and is way more exhausting then I thought. First you have to take a speedboat from Bandar (capitol of Brunei) to get to the Temburong district, where the National Park is located. From there you take a small boat to get to the Park. And after you arrived there the hard part starts. To be able to have an amazing view over the top of the trees of the rainforest, you have to climb over 1200 steps. That is already quite exhausting itself, but just imagine you have to do that in 30 degrees. I can tell it is quite an experience Wink And as if 1200 steps are not enough to all our surprise, when we reached the top, our guide told us, if we really want to have the best view, we have to climb another few hundred steps. Heidis mom and grandma had enough, but Heidi and I said to ourselves, we didnt walk all those stairs for nothing. So after we had a little rest we continued climbing stairs and when we finally reach the top the view was amazing. All you could see was rainforest. After looking back it was definitely worth it!! During our tour we also meet an old colleague from Sunshine, who had a VIP on his tour. We were already wondering why there was so much military present. But as we found out the VIP was an US Admiral with two stars, (which is on of the highest rang you can have in the US military) and he even got picked up by a helicopter from the military in the middle of the rainforest. I really enjoyed the trip and it was definitely worth the money, but since Sunday I have such a muscle ache in my legs, I can hardly walk anymore. Especially stairs and unfortunately there are a lot of them in the hotel Sad

Besides doing all those trips and showing Heidis mom and grandma Brunei, we also have two new neighbours, since a bit more then a week. Simon, from Switzerland and Jenna from Korea. Simon is living next door from us, together with Sascha, who was already here when we came. And Jenna is living just a block away. To get to know each other we all went out for dinner last week and we had fun. Now I have a few people, I enjoy spending my time with after work. Most of the time we all meet next door at Simons and Saschas place, since they have a nice couch and a stereo. But the guys can also be annoying some time, especially when they had way to much to drink (which is btw not allowed here, but they have their connections) Last Saturday night, the night before we had to get up at six in the morning to get ready for our National Park tour, Simon and Sascha had a private party and had the glorious idea, at four oclock in the morning to see what the two girls next door are doing. So they came over in the middle of the night, ringing the door bell, knocking the door and screaming. Since I knew they wouldnt stop before somebody came, and Heidi didnt move, I got out of my bed and opened the door. Simon was standing their, kind of drunk Wink , asking if I was already sleeping and if we want to join the party. I was not amused at all. If I would have been off the next day I wouldnt have mind that much, but in this case I had to get up at 6!!

Next to all that, there is also still my work at the hotel, which I still like a lot. Last week Heidi and I got temporarily promoted to Mr. Keiler personal assistants. During a morning meeting, where all the important people were present he gave us the task to book a flight for his brother and sister-in-law to visit him in Brunei. And he just got his golden American Express card out of his wallet and handed it over to me. You should have seen the faces of all the people in his office Smile We were busy with this task for a whole day, and I was glad when it was over. We had to go to his office a lot of times because there was always something else that went wrong, e.g. they didnt accept American Express. We also had to get our first assessment form filled out. And in our case Mr. Keiler took time to do it himself, which is quite an honour, since he is always really busy. Im quite satisfied with the outcome of it, since it was solely positive.

Now there are only a few more hours left, till Im done with work for the rest of the week!! Tomorrow morning Im finally going on my next weekend trip. This time I will visit Hong Kong and Macau. My last weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur was already a month ago. And this time I even have more time to spend. I will stay four days. Im already looking forward to it so much; I really need a break from work and time for myself. And when I get back, I only have to go to work for another two and a half weeks before Heidi and I will finally go to Bali!! Thats even better than Hong Kong. Since this year we will miss Christmas, we gave ourselves a nice little treat for Christmas Smile

I will tell you all about my trip to Hong Kong and Macau, when Im back next week.

Till then,

Bye x Sabine

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28 November 2007

You are so lucky!! Doing all these trips and being promoted to personal assistant! Wow! Look forward to your next story! Have fun in Hong Kong and Macau. Visit the peak tram in Hong Kong, that will give you some impressive views! Take care!
Xx Kim


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